Cyrille Weiner

Cyrille Weiner is a photographer based in Paris, France

His website is at

Some of his favourite photographers are William Eggleston, Luigi Ghirri, Jeff Wall, Philippe Lorca di Corcia, Patrick Faigenbaum, Sophie Ristelhueber, Christophe Bourguedieu...

Cyrille uses an Arca swiss 4x5 view camera, mamiya 7, and digital

Cyrille says "My work - personnal and commissionned - deals with spaces. Its a subversive mix of architecture, urban and landscape shaping. I focus on people that experiment uncommon places, giving attention to contemporary nomadism and ephemere set up. Its a way to explore the idea of freedom."

You can e-mail Cyrille at

Cyrille's Task

On Saturday 29th March 2008 Cyrille set the task 'Chaos' and the results by all 52 photographers will be in by Friday 25th April 2008.