Darr Almeda

Darr Almeda is a photographer based in Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Her website is at www.photoscapes.com

Her favorite photographers are Edward Curtis, Dorothea Lange, William Clift, Ruth Bernhard , Steve Mulligan, Joe Cornish, and William Eggleston to name a few.

Darr uses a Nikon D200, Pentax 67II and Ebony 4x5. Also the itty-bitty Canon G9 for journaling.

Darr studied at The School of Visual Arts, NYC and Portfolio Center, Atlanta many, many shoots ago. She left a career in commercial photography to pursue what she loves best: photographing the landscape, finding beauty in the mundane, and journaling her steps along the way.

You can e-mail Darr at darr@alphabetproject.co.uk

Responding Photographer 'D'

Darr will be taking part in the project as a responding photographer so please visit her page to see her 26 photographs throughout the year