Hind Mezaina

Hind Mezaina is a photographer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Her website is at www.hindmezaina.com

Hind uses a LC-A, Holga, Diana and Polaroids "are the cameras I can't live without. I also like using other toy cameras like the Fisheye, Actionsampler, Supersampler"

Hind has always been interested in photography but never took it up seriously till she stumbled upon the world of Lomography, a global photography community that focuses on spontaneous photography using old school cameras. It introduced her to a world of low-fi cameras, "don't think-just shoot" philosophy and the mission to document the world we live in. She has since then dedicated her creative energy to this unique art form and always seen with a camera in tow capturing moments around her. more

You can e-mail Hind at hind@alphabetproject.co.uk

Hind's Task

On Saturday 7th June 2008 Hind set the task 'Halcyon' and the results by all 52 photographers were in by Friday 4th July 2008.