Kristal Armendariz

Kristal Armendariz is a mother, blogger and amateur photographer living in New Mexico

She blogs at

Kristal isn't picky. She owns and uses everything from a Canon Digital Rebel XT to Polaroids to disposable film cameras to her cameraphone

Kristal says she "likes to document the often-overlooked flashes of beauty and meaning that drift across the landscape of everyday life." The mother of seven, she's had plenty of opportunities to hone the fine art of lining up shots with a fussy baby balanced on one hip. When she's not counting kids or experimenting with her latest camera, you'll probably find her sketching out plans for the family's next road trip

You can e-mail Kristal at

Kristal's Task

On Saturday 19th July 2008 Kristal set the task 'Kitchen' and the results by all 52 photographers were in by Friday 15th August 2008