Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer is a photographer based in Brooklyn, USA

His website is at www.michaelmeyerphoto.com

He uses 35mm, digital and 4*5

Michael is a freelance photographer based in Brooklyn, NY splitting his time between the creation and exhibition of his personal projects, taking on freelance photography assignments, working as a producer, location scout and assistant, and running photography classes and workshops for high school students. In his work with teenagers, Michael's goal is to open their eyes to the power that photography has in shaping their world and influencing their perception of that world. He wants them to recognize the subtle and pernicious influence of the daily image barrage as well as their ability to harness the power of image making for their own ends. His own photography is his attempt to understand the constantly shifting world around him and his place in it.

You can e-mail Michael at michael@alphabetproject.co.uk

Responding Photographer 'M'

Michael will be taking part in the project as a responding photographer so please visit his page to see his 26 photographs throughout the year.