Olivia Malone

Olivia Malone is a photographer based in New York, USA

Her website is at www.oliviamalone.com

Her favourite photographers are Diane Arbus, Rineke Dijkstra, Guy Bourdin, Francesca Woodman, Robert Frank

Olivia uses a contax g2, nikon fm2, contax t2, mamiya 7ii, canon 5d

Olivia says "my photography explores the transition between youth and adulthood, emphasizing the period where freedom and independence define the essence of youth's unabashed allure. Using subjects handpicked from my own life, artists, designers, scene icons, musicians, and my closest friends, i use symbolic locations and real people to convey the concepts that draw from my own experiences in a symbiotically fantastical and candid world. What is most striking to me is the process of coming into one's self-possession. It is in the both the awkwardness of the transition and the sincerity of my subjects where I believe true beauty lies."

You can e-mail Oleg at olivia@alphabetproject.co.uk

Responding Photographer 'O'

Olivia will be taking part in the project as a responding photographer so please visit her page to see her 26 photographs throughout the year.