The end of the Alphabet Project

On Saturday 14th March 2009 the final images for 'Z' were published on the site.

This technically brought the year long 'Alphabet Project' to an end.

On 1st June 2009 most of the missing images were submitted by the photographers

As of today the following photographers have completed their sets of images: Burak, Cyrille, Dirk, Emli, Frank, Geoff, Hind, Ilan, John, Kristal, Laura, Miriam, Natasha, Paula, qi, Rachel, Stuart, Ted, Ursula, Valentine, Yong, Zoe, Amanda, Brian, Caroline, Ed, Filip, Ingrid, Lizzi, Michael, Nancy, Olivia, Poppy, Renee, Tristan, Umberto, Valérie, Xander, Yuri, and Zac

The slideshows are now being tidied up, (between 1st June 2009 and 1st July 2009).

Please note that this is a permanent online exhibition so please feel free to visit it at your leisure.

You can either see the images linked together by the various tasks or by visiting each individual photographers' pages and seeing their own interpretations.

The Alphabet Project would like to thank all 52 photographers for all their support and commitment for 2008/2009. A special thank you to the following four following photographers: Marek Pindral, Penny Maggio, Susan Gilbert and Wilhelm Derksen

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site.