Quentin Ball

Quentin Ball is a photographer based in London, UK

His website is at www.quentinball.com/

He trained as a professional photographer and settled in Dallas. He found the American Southwest to be particularly challenging to photograph, especially the canyons and sand dunes of West Texas, Colorado, Arizona and Utah.

After participating in several exhibitions, winning a number of awards for his work and publishing a photography book, First Exposure, with several colleagues, Mr Ball opened a successful solo exhibition in 1991. One enthusiastic reviewer said “Ball’s images recall the textural fascinations of past masters, particularly the compositional precision of Georgia O’Keeffe and the chiaroscuro obsessiveness of cinematographer Gregg Toland…"

You can e-mail Quentin at quentin@alphabetproject.co.uk

Responding Photographer 'Q'

Quentin will be taking part in the project as a responding photographer so please visit his page to see his 26 photographs throughout the year.