Task S: Stop a Stranger

The Brief

"One of the aims of this project is to introduce different aspects of photography to the photographers within the project and to get them to try things that they may not have tried before. I realise that this assignment might strike the fear of God into some of you whereas for others you will be used to it. The assignment over the next four weeks is to stop someone you don't know in the street/park/mall and to take their portrait. This is a practise regularly exercised by the likes of Alec Soth, William Eggleston, Joel Sternfeld to name but a few and can be incredibly nerve racking at first and yet the results can be incredibly rewarding and the act of doing it very liberating. Alec Soth says "I knew the most powerful thing in photography is photographing people...I just responded to those pictures and to avoid it would be sad...at first I trembled every time I took a picture. My confidence grew..." All the best with it."

Stuart Pilkington

Due Date: Friday 5th December 2008

All 52 photographers will submit one photograph in response to Stuart's task by Friday 5th December 2008