Stuart Pilkington

Stuart Pilkington is a photographer based in High Wycombe, England

His website is at

His favourite photographers are Alec Soth, William Eggleston, Joel Sternfeld, Erika Larsen, Diane Arbus and Bernd Becher

Stuart uses a Canon EOS 300D, Hasselblad 500C and Wista DX 4x5

Stuart spends most of his time photographing film directors and animators for the BFI Southbank, London and events such as the Childwickbury Arts Festival at the home of the Kubricks, St Albans. He says "I think Winogrand put it best when he said "I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed.""

You can e-mail Stuart at

Stuart's Task

On Saturday 8th November 2008 Stuart set the task 'Stop a Stranger' and the results by all 52 photographers were in by Friday 5th December 2008.