Ted Morrison

Ted is a photographer based in New York, USA

Ted's website is at www.tedmorrison.com

His favourite photographers are Irving Penn, Guy Bourdin, Karl Blossfelt, Paul Outerbridge, Edward Steichen, Man Ray, Richard Avedon, Art Wolfe, Grancel Fitz, Arthur Tress, Chemo Madoz, Paul Strand, Margaret Bourke-White, Nadav Kander, Daniel Jouanneau, Eric Meola, Raymond Meier, Edward Curtis, Ansel Adams, Martin Munckazi, and many, many more...

He uses Hasselblad H1 50, 80, 120mm macro lenses, Phase One P25 digital back, Canon 1DS MKII, Canon 40D Assorted Canon lenses, Canon G9, 4x5 Sinar, 4x5 Speed Graphic, Hasselblad 503CW

Ted's work has been published internationally in award winning advertising and editorial assignments, websites, books, and galleries. His recent favourite quote is "There is beauty in simplicity"

You can e-mail Ted at ted@alphabetproject.co.uk

Ted's Task

On Saturday 22nd November 2008 Ted set the task 'Thrill' and the results by all 52 photographers were in by Friday 19th December 2008.