Ursula Fuchs

Ursula is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia

Ursula's website is at www.ursulafuchs.com.au

Her favourite photographers are Leigh Miller, Francesca Woodman, Man Ray and "some local Australian photographers I take inspiration from include Max Pam, Paul Barbera and Pierre Toussaint"

The cameras she uses are her Canon 20D, Mamiya C220, Pentax K1000 and Polaroid 600 series

Ursula is a fashion editorial junkie and one day dreams of shooting for big league fashion publications

You can e-mail Ursula at ursula@alphabetproject.co.uk

Ursula's Task

On Saturday 6th December 2008 Ursula set the task 'Umbrella' and the results by all 52 photographers were in by Friday 2nd January 2009.