Valérie Català Pilato

Valérie Català Pilato was born in Spain, (double nationality Spanish/French), and grew up in France. She now lives in Milan, Italy

Her website is at

Among her favourite photographers are; all the humanistic photographers, (Willy Ronis, Brassai, Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau etc), Ferdinando Scianna, Francesca Woodman, all women of the "Nouvel vision", (Dora Maar, Ilse Bing, Ergy Landau, Germaine Krull, Gisèle Freund etc), Robert Mapplethorpe, Antione D'Agata and Titarenko

She uses all formats but mostly shoots with a Canon EOS, Rollieflex 2.8, Pentax ME and experiments with one Polaroid spectrum, and the "charming" Holga. She particularly loves 120 mm

Valérie's work covers all aspects of artistic photography at the highest possible standard, and in a professional and friendly manner. She takes part in all of the creative processes; from choosing materials, using collage, recycled and alternative process, analog and digital. From shooting to developing

You can e-mail Valérie at

Responding Photographer 'V'

Valérie will be taking part in the project as a responding photographer so please visit her page to see her 26 photographs throughout the year.