Xavier Fane

Xavier Fane is a photographer based in Crested Butte, Colorado, USA

His website is at www.xavierfanephoto.com

His favorite photographers are Galen Rowell, Frans Lanting, Pep Bonet, Jean Paul Caponigro & many others

Xavier uses a Nikon D200 and D3

Xavier says "I live surrounded by wild, open spaces and that fact has shaped my photography. Although I make a living as a mountain sports photographer I enjoy the most capturing the more meditative aspects of nature and portraying small people in big landscapes. But then again, photography is the eye of my curiosity for life and I love shooting most anything"

You can e-mail Xavier at xavier@alphabetproject.co.uk

Xavier's Task

On Saturday 17th January 2009 Xavier set the task 'XL' and the results by all 52 photographers were in by Friday 13th February 2009.