Yong Hun Kim

Yong Hun Kim is a photographer based in Sydney, Australia

His website is at www.kimyonghun.com

His favourite photographer is David Hockney

Yong uses both a Nikkon D80 and a Sony T9

Yong says "Since birth, we are fated to walk towards death. Ironically, the fate gives human the will to live, and we struggle to put off the moment of death even a second. Whatever we do in our life, it is to estrange ourselves from death. Happiness only comes to us for a short time at the instant when we forget the fear of death, and it immediately disappears when we glimpse the very shadow of death. This relation among birth, life, death and happiness constitutes the basis of my philosophy. And I do arts based on the philosophy."

You can e-mail Yong at yong@alphabetproject.co.uk

Yong's Task

On Saturday 31st January 2009 Yong set the task 'You' and the results by all 52 photographers were in by Friday 27th February 2009.